60 Wooden Blocks

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All parts are made from Eco-Friendly Rubber wood.
60 wooden blocks with 9 unique & different shapes are geometric shape which kid can play and connect each shape as a town or a building according to kid’s unlimited imagination and creativity.
To create the atmosphere of the city or assemble the buildings according to kid’s imagination & creativity.
The wooden shapes have grooved pattern, sloped pattern to represent as the door or the window when laying and connecting its blocks.
Kid will have fun constructing the wooden blocks in various kind of buildings. Children can connect the blocks to be either Ancient Building or Modern Building. This is a play without limit.
These blocks would help to strengthen child’s development in terms of hand & eyes muscles to coordinate while placing and connecting wooden blocks and to enhance kid’s thinking & imagination development
Kid’s will have fun to build these wooden blocks which would help to develop hand and eye muscle coordination while laying and connecting these blocks. This would help developing kid’s idea and imagination as well.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 mm