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I was born, at that time, in a poor family and grown up with almost have no toys to play. Toys and games that I remember are old are die-cast model car and other easy handmade toys.

I finished high school from Bodindecha ( Sing Singhaseni ) School and draduated in Industrial Engineer from Knon Kaen University.

Once I graduated, I started my first job in a Toy Manufacturing company supplied to Hasbro for 5 years. My second company is Plastic injection Figurine Company, which is an affiliated company of Pranda Group,supplied to Hallmark,as you know the biggest card company in the world and have been worked here for 14 years.

With my passion of wood and my passion to have my own business. My wife and I set up ” TANO ” in 2003. ” TA ” comes from my name ” Tanitsorn ” and ” NO ” comes from ” Nopporn “.

Her working experiences are in exporting business right from the start of her career and she is an old hand of buying agent and merchandising area.

If you ask me why don’t you put her name first, then I have to explain to you in personal.

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TANO started the first product line as Children’ s wooden furniture, such as small tables and chairs.

Nopporn and I married in 1997, that makes 16 years now. We have no children. Many of our friends talk to us ” If you have a child, the child will be very happy to be born in a toy family ” Our answer is ” Things happen for reasons and we can share our love and our toys to the children all over the world”.
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