Wooden Toys For Kids from Tano

It is a matter of fact that society wooden children’s toys; it is we who are responsible for the development of this society. The present belongs to us but, future belongs to our kids who will decide how society is going to be after some years. But, at present, it is our duty to provide all-round development to our children and this development consists of intellectual, social, physical and emotional development. Well, In this case, toys play an very important role and there are some reasons behind this.

  • Toys not only improve kid’s brain but also help to develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Toys have the capability to stimulate the senses of children.
  • It also might help children to choose their career in future.
  • In order to promote social skills, toys are required.

Nowadays, we can see that toy manufacturing companies are using various new things to make toys and with the advancement of technology, toys are becoming very dynamic in nature and they are coming in different categories. But, among these, wooden toys have their own fan base because of certain reasons which are elaborated below:

  • The development of creative as well as the imaginative aspect of the children is very important and wooden toys play an important role to develop these aspects. The diversity in wooden toys for kids has the capability to develop problem-solving skills and other cognitive skills.
  • Wooden toys for toddles are very open-ended in nature. As a result, one item can be used multiple times in various ways and the dynamic shapes of these toys also help to develop the hand-eye coordination.
  • It is a fact that toys made of plastics consist of chemicals as well as toxins which are very harmful to kids. On the other side, wooden toys are very environment-friendly as they don’t have such harmful things in them. At the same time, you will get a peaceful ambiance with wooden toys.
  • The popularity of the wooden toys for toddles is rapidly increasing day by day because of its durability. Yes, wooden toys are one of the most durable toys and therefore, these are perfect for toddles who have a tendency to put everything in their mouth.

TANO: The Ultimate Choice for Wooden Toys

By now you have surely understood the importance of wooden toys and you have probably made a decision to buy wooden toys for kids. Well, if you want to buy wooden toys, you are in the right place because today we are going to tell you about TANO, a Thailand based company that has brought a huge range of wooden toys for toddles as well as kids.

Toys and happiness are inextricably related to each other and if toys come, happiness cannot be far behind. The company started it’s business 15years ago with wooden furniture for the children. But, after that they started making wooden toys for kids. The products are ergonomically designed, innovative in nature and they always maintain European Safety Standard. Along with this, the company is also certified by ‘Thailand Trust Mark’ and therefore, you do not have to compromise with the quality.

One of their masterpieces is 3 in 1 Square Rainbow Stacking that helped them to win two international awards; one is G-mark Award of Japan and another one is Denmark Award of Thailand. The owners of the company are Tanisorn and Nopporn and they set the name of their company with the initial two letters of their names. However, their love for kids helped them to achieve this place. The company has already produced many wooden toys for toddles as well as kids and has become a well-known name in the wooden toy-making industry.

Different Products of the Company

The company has manufactured several categories of innovative wooden products and toys for kids which are mentioned below:

  • Educational Toys: Educational toys are the best ways to teach kids several important aspects of life in a fun way. Thus the company has made more than 29 different items belonging to this particular category for the educational development of kids. Some of them are 3 Shape Stacking, 3 in 1 Rainbow Sort & Stacking, 5 Colour Abacus and many more.
  • Kid’s Toy Kitchen: Kids are very imaginative in nature. They love to play different roles during childhood stage and Kid’s Toy Kitchen is one of them. It is a kind of fun activity where they can play the character of kitchen porter, waiter, head chef and many more. The wooden toys makers of TANO are acquainted with this fact and consequently, they have made more than 25 different items that belong to this category. These toys are made in such a way so that it can help kids to build their imaginary world where they can put themselves in different roles. Some of these toys are Wooden Coffee Machine, Cooking Set, and Dishwasher.
  • Pretend Play: Children have their own imaginative power which is beyond our thought. For them, a stick can be a boast and a broom can be a horse. They have the capability to represent any action, object or even ideas in various ways. It is a kind of symbolic play which is also known as Pretend Play. Tano believes that children need adequate resources to fulfil their imaginative needs. Keeping this belief in mind, they have made various items that belong to this category. Some of the Pretend Play Toys are Family Wooden Figures, Farm House, Car Toy Set
  • Kid’s Furniture: Kid’s Furniture consists of more than 13 items. The furniture is designed in such a way so that it can easily win the heart of the kids. Some of these are Ant Chair, Bee Chair, Beetle Chair, Snail Chair and Bug Round Table , Shark Chair, Clown Fish Chair, Seahorse Chair, Starfish Chair, Crab Chair, Octopus Chair and Sea World Table With Light House Pencil Holder, etc.
  • Hand Carved Stools: Hand Carved Stools are another important aspect of this company. Every stool comes with its own uniqueness and we are pretty sure that you cannot get such kinds of wooden tools in other places. Some of these are Bee Stool, Bear Stool, Elephant stool, Giraffe Stool. These stools not only provide your kids comfort but also give them basic knowledge of different animals.

I am sure by now you have become highly excited  to buy wooden toys for your kids. So do not waste a single moment and visit TANO right now and give your Wooden Children’s Toy that they will remember and cherish for a long time.

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