Toy Selection

The Definitions

“Toy” has many definitions.  One interesting meaning is that a toy is something that can be touched and enjoyed.  But in the meaning of “Children’s Toy ” has an extended meaning.  The enjoyment must include the Safety  Standard  and appropriate Child’s Development .

Therefore, in the selection of toys, it is the parents’ duty to choose toys that are useful and appropriate for the development of children at each age range.  In addition to the selection of toys, parent also have a duty to provide guidance on how to play and also play together  with their children in order to learn the behavior. 

This little guide is the basis for choosing the right toys to get the most benefit for our kids.

Toy Selection 1

Why Toy is so important ?

Toy is one of the most important things for children. Every child is born to play with toys, whether they are handmade toys or ready-made toys that are sold in the market. Play with toy is not a game playing  but it is the main task of children .Because in addition to having fun and enjoyment of playing with toy ,toys are also an important part to enhance the natural development of children in all 4 areas, including Physical, Emotional, Social  and Intelligence Development .For example , we don’t have to teach children how to count numbers , which is against the learning nature of children. But we just let children playing with toys that enhance Mathematical Skills. What children will get is to learn counting naturally.

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How children learn through toys ?

The nature of early childhood learning is learning by doing with the use of the 5 senses.  The more they play, the more they learn, so toys are media that aims for children’s learning by hands-on action. When children play with toys, they will experience of being picked up ,pounding, pulling, pushing, trial and error, thinking, solving problems, imagining, creative, interacting with others .Resulting in learning in various skills, resulting in children being able to play with toys that are more difficult and develope in ordering .Including the development of 4 areas:

Physical Development : Children will develop Fine Motor Skills by picking up, holding, pressing and dropping And develope large muscles by pulling, dragging, balancing, body movements as well as developing Hand-Eye Coordination. These developments will develop naturally when children play with toys. Children will learn to use their hands in fun.  It will be helpful for future children to use their hands to hold spoon and fork , to write  and self-caring such as ,buttoning , zipping etc.

Emotional development: All toys are fun-filled, and when children play with them, there is something going on.  The feeling of happiness is expressed by smiling, laughing and applauding

Social development: Children develop interactions with others by playing toy together. Some toys can be played by several children at once. Children learn to share , understand and respect the rules. These are the foundations for learning to accept others .

Intellectual Development:  Children develop mathematic  skill ,language skills, problem solving thinking, trial and error, imagination, creativity.By these developments children will naturally experience by the time they play with toys.

Toy Selection 3
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