Mini Beehive

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All parts are made of solid wood.
Non-toxic color & Export quality complied to EN71

Tano Mini Beehive
… is a Montessori wooden toys Memory Matching Game to improve memory.
It has been designed according to the Montessori ’s Method, using concept of depth and space.
Montessori believes that children know their own needs and are able to absorb from the environment. Games are things that children can have fun learning.
Tano Mini Beehive is a game that challenges both adults and children. So parents will have fun together with children when playing this game.
1.Bee with Honey Bar totally 19 pcs. ( with two different height of Honey Bar )
2.Honeycomb (orange) totally 19 pcs (with two different depths )
3.Beehive Base

How to play
This game helps developing fine motor skills by matching height of Honey Bar to the depth of Honeycomb.
“Let’s fill it up.”

There are totally 19 pcs of Honeycomb and Bee with Honey Bar which have 2 different height .
1.First, players put the Honeycomb to fill up the Beehive Base.
2.Put the Bee with Honey Bar together.
3.Players choose the first player.
4.Children take 1 Bee with Honey Bar and put it in a Honeycomb. If the Honey Bar’s height fit perfectly with the depth of the Honeycomb. That player can keep the Honeycomb as their own.
Next player continues playing with the same step as the first player. In case that the height of the Honey Bar does not fit with the depth of the Honeycomb, player will take the bee back to the midfield and must remember the selected Honeycomb fit perfectly the height of the Honey Bar.
Keep your eyes on it and then let’s allowing the next player to continue playing as their turn.

5.Keep playing until the Honeycomb runs out of their own Beehive Base, the player who gets the most Honeycomb will win!

Additional information

Dimensions 175 × 200 × 90 mm

Additional information

Dimensions 175 × 200 × 90 mm


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