Childs Kitchen Role Play From Tano

It is quite obvious that children at the early childhood stage have strong imaginative power and they love to play in different scenarios and roles. Play kitchen or Childs kitchen role play is one of them because it allows them to imitate the situations that they are watching regularly. Moreover, they can play different roles such as waiter, head chef, parents or kitchen porter at home.

However, kitchen role play game not only enriches your kid’s imagination but also helps to develop their social as well as motor skills. Let’s go through the benefits of Childs kitchen role play game so that you can have a better idea about this.

  • Enrich Creativity: In kitchen role play game, children can create their own imaginative scenarios by experimenting with different pretend utensils and kitchen appliances. They can make their own recipes and imitate the actions of adults that they watch regularly. Ultimately, their creativity will be enriched and their mind will be infused with new imaginative thoughts.
  • Develop Communication And Language: Kitchen role play game gives your kids the opportunity to express themselves in the storytelling method. They will communicate with others; tell them what role they are playing or what dish they are cooking. They will start uttering new words such as ‘stir’, ‘cook’, ‘hot’, ‘cold’ etc. Thus their communication, as well as language skill, will develop.
  • Learn Organising Objects: Kids gradually learn from the adults that their kitchen role-play game will become more enjoyable if kitchen appliances are organised properly. Therefore, they also start pretending in this way. They serve plates for their imaginary guests in a more organised way and they also try to decorate the food to make it more attractive.
  • Promote Teamwork: Kitchen role play is inextricably related to your kids’ social development. In this game, kids interact with other kids and tell them what role they are playing. They do discussions, make a plan and co-operate each other. Thus, they gradually learn what teamwork is.

So, you have probably understood the importance of kitchen role play. Therefore, we are going to tell you some best Childs kitchen role-play toys designed and made by Tano. European Safety Standard is maintained and so, you can buy it for your kids without any hesitation.

  • Coffee Machine: Children love to imitate what you do in the kitchen and making coffee is one of them. Therefore, to satisfy their imaginary hunger, Tano has made a beautiful wooden Coffee Machine. Tano has given a very stylish look to this Childs kitchen role play toy and they can combine it with other kitchen appliances in order to make a complete kitchen. Tano has made this from solid rubberwood and the best part is that they used non-toxic colour. So, don’t hesitate to buy it for your kids as it is completely safe for them.
  • Coffee Set: Kids try to imitate everything very minutely and they know very well that without a coffee set, they can’t serve coffee to their friends. Keeping this point in mind, Tano has made beautiful wooden Coffee Set along with the Coffee Machine. The set consists of 1 coffee pot, 2 coffee cups and 2 sugar bowls. This kitchen role-play toy promotes the social skill among your kids and moreover, they learn how to pour coffee to cup and thus, their motor skills are also developed. In order to make this coffee set completely safe for your kids, the company has used non-toxic colour and high-grade solid rubberwood.
  • Wooden Role Play Cooker: Kids at the early childhood stage are very curious in nature. They want to know everything that they are watching regularly and if they have an interest in the kitchen, they will definitely want a cooker in Childs kitchen role play game. This is why Tano has made wooden cooker with stylish Orange and Grey handle. It has 2 air ventilations so that they can easily lift it. The dimension is 400 x 360 x 520 mm and therefore, it is easily portable. The frame of this wooden cooker is made from high-grade solid rubberwood to make it sturdier. European Safety Standard is maintained and the non-toxic colour is used.
  • Cooking Set 1 And 2: Cooking set 1 is one of the best Childs kitchens role-play toys that not only promote social skills but also develop motor skills. The set comes with 1 frying pan, 1 frying egg, 1 spatula, 1 ladle and 1 turner. The whole set is made of high-grade solid rubberwood and the non-toxic colour is used so that your kids can safely play with them.

    In order to make their cooking more enjoyable, Tano has made cooking set 2 that consists of 1 breadboard, 1 knife, 1 saucepan, 1 carrot. The dimension of the board is 138 x 165 x 100 mm and therefore, your kids can easily hold it. Moreover, Tano has used natural wooden and orange colour to make this cooking set 2 more attractive.

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  • Wooden Role Play Dishwasher: It is very important to teach your kids about the importance of cleaning their dishes after a meal and with the help of this kitchen role-play toy, you can effectively teach them. The frame of this dishwasher is made from solid rubberwood and it will be a great addition to any Childs kitchen. It has 2 air ventilation and magnetic front opening door. Along with this, it comes with a wooden rack so that kids can easily store dishes inside the dishwasher.

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  • Wooden Role Play Fridge: Your kid’s small kitchen is incomplete without a fridge and so, Tano has come up with this wooden fridge that has a magnetic opening door. It has a fridge and freezer compartments that let them know the difference between freezing and cooling. Moreover, they can imitate all the daily activities that their parents do. By combining it with other Tano kitchen appliances, they can make their role play more realistic. Solid rubberwood is used to construct the frame and non-toxic colour is used to make it completely safe for the kids.

So, these are some Childs kitchen role-play toys from Tano. Visit today and grab these as early as possible.

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