10 Best Educational Toys For Kids by Tano

According to a research, only bookish knowledge is not enough, learning through playing different toys is an important aspect of child’s development. A child’s mind expands when they see different things and play in different surroundings. Keeping these points in mind, educational toys are made. Educational toys play a very important role in developing psychomotor skills of your kids. Along with it, it is also useful in developing cognitive aspect of your kids. However, to give you a proper idea of what educational toys can do, we have added some points below. Just have a look at the following points.

  • It develops problem solving ability of your kids
  • Gross motor skills are developed.
  • Educational toys nurture creativity as well as imagination.
  • It helps to discover the positive self-esteem of your kids.

TANO: The Ultimate Choice for Educational Toys

By now you have surely understood the importance of educational toys and you have probably made a decision to buy them for kids. Well, if you want to look for educational toys, you are in the right place because today we are going to tell you about TANO, a Thailand based company that has brought a huge range of educational toys for toddles as well as kids.

Toys and happiness are inextricably related to each other and if toys come, happiness cannot be far behind. The company started its business 15years ago with wooden furniture for the children. But, after that they started making wooden toys for kids. The products are ergonomically designed, innovative in nature and they always maintain European Safety Standard. Along with this, the company is also certified by ‘Thailand Trust Mark’ and therefore, you do not have to compromise with the quality.

One of their masterpieces is 3 in 1 Square Rainbow Stacking that helped them to win two international awards; one is G-mark Award of Japan and another one is Denmark Award of Thailand. The owners of the company are Tanitsorn and Nopporn and they set the name of their company with the initial two letters of their names. However, their love for kids helped them to achieve this place. The company has already produced many wooden toys for toddles as well as kids and has become a well-known name in the wooden toy-making industry.

Well, the craziness for educational toy has been rapidly increasing because of its endless benefits and therefore, in this article we have added some best educational toys for your kids. Just go through the following points to know about them in details:

  1. 3 In 1 Rainbow Stacking: 3 in 1 Rainbow Sort & Stacking from Tano is one of the best educational toys for the children aged between 2-3 years. It helps your children to learn three different aspects such as stacking, shaping and counting. Even, the toy can be used in elementary schools for teaching effectively. Tano has made this product using solid wood and non-toxic colour. Therefore, the product is durable and completely safe for kids. Moreover, it has won G-mark Award of Japan and Demark Award of Thailand.
  2. 5 Colour Abacus: If you want your kids to learn about number as well as colour counting, bring 5 Colour Abacus made by Tano today. All the parts of this toy are made of solid wood and the colour used by the company is completely non-toxic. Moreover, the dimension of this toy is 300 x 50 x 220 mm and so, it would be very handy for your kids.
  3. 50 Wooden Blocks With tray: Imagination is something that needs to be nourished from the childhood and with the help of 50 Wooden Blocks with Tray, you can help to develop your kid’s imaginative power. All the blocks are made of solid wood which make them durable. Along with it, the non-toxic colour used to make this toy make it more suitable for kids. The dimension of this toy is 225 x 225 x 50 mm and so, you kids will not have any problem to play with it.
  4. 3 Shape Stacking: Another attractive educational toy by Tano is 3 Shape Stacking that lets your children learn about counting and colour shape size. It is a wooden toy that is made of non-toxic colour and therefore it is durable as well as safe for children. The dimension of this toy is 300 x 100 x 100 mm and therefore, it is ideal for children aged 2 years or above.
    A 184 019
  5. 50 Wooden Colour Blocks: 50 Wooden Colour Blocks are made to enhance the imaginative power of your kids. The product consists of 50 colourful blocks that come in different shapes and each block is made of solid wood and the colour is completely chemical-free. All the blocks are very handy in size so that your kids could easily play with it.
  6. Geo Flower: Geo Flower consists of 5 sets of colourful wooden pieces which are designed in such a way so that it could enhance the hand-eye coordination of your kids. Along with it, it gives them a basic idea of different shapes. The product is made of solid wood and non-toxic colour is used. So, you don’t have to worry if your kids chew or throw it. Moreover, the dimension of this toy is 170 x 170 x 60 mm and that makes it very handy and ideal for kids aged above 3 years.
    Ball Sorter: If you want to teach your kids about different colours and number counting, Ball Sorter would be very helpful.

    A 184 015

  7. Ball Sorter is an educational toy from Tano and it consists of 10 wooden balls which are different in colours. All the parts of this toy are made of solid wood and the colour used in this toy is non-toxic. Moreover, the dimension of this toy is 240 x 5.5 x 210 mm which makes it portable as well as handy in size.
  8. Sorting Box: Sorting Box consists of colourful wooden blocks which are different in shape. Tano has designed this toy in such a way so that it can develop the hand-eye coordination of your kids and give them a basic knowledge of different colours. Sorting box is made of non-toxic colour and therefore, you don’t have to worry if they put it into their mouth. The dimension is 145 x 145 x 115 mm and so, your kids can easily grab it.
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  9. Funny Octagon: Funny Octagon is one of the best educational toys for kids from Tano. Funny Octagon comes with colourful wooden blocks that help to teach your student about octagon and other geometric shapes. It also consists of a wooden tray so that your kids can easily decorate them. All the parts have non-toxic colour that makes them ideal for kids aged between 2 to 3 years. The handy dimension which is 200 x 200 x 40 mm makes it more approachable.
  10. Fractional Orange: Another useful as well as attractive toy from Tano is Fractional Orange that consists of 7 wooden play pieces. The toy is made to enhance the sorting skill of your kids. Along with this, it also teaches about colours and shapes. The toy comes in different colours such as Fractional Tomato and fractional Orange and each toy is made of non-toxic colour. Moreover, Tano has made this toy very handy as well as portable so that your kids will not have to face any problem with its size and shape while playing with it.

All the educational toys from Tano are safe for your kids. TANO is a reputed brand and has been in the toy manufacturing business for many years. So you can trust them blindly in case of educational toys.

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